Why Fibre through Kiklo is a lifestyle change enabler

Fibre: You place it in your home and it becomes a way of life. All your communication to and from your home can happen over that one fibre line.  Fibre then turns into a precious and permanent utility that adds more value to your home compared to any other technology.


As Kiklo, we enjoy selling a fibre product that has no restrictions. It is unshaped, uncapped and symmetrical. When you sign up for a certain package at a certain speed and you are not getting that speed, we encourage you to log a call and we do our best to fix it. We are invested in making it work for you because we believe so strongly that no fibre product should ever be limited, in any way.


Fibre is a lifestyle change enabler – these words are key.

We believe in that lifestyle change. Where our competitors put fibre into your home and leave you to your own devices (no pun intended), Kiklo will go out of our way to ensure that you get the full benefit of that lifestyle change, the full benefit of fibre, everywhere in your home, exactly where you want that full benefit. As an IT company with more than 20 years’ experience, Kiklo is one of the only fibre providers that can offer that full spectrum benefit to their clients.


Yes, for the most part, Kiklo is about personalised service, but it is more than that. Our commitment is to enable you to enjoy the full benefit of fibre and experience that lifestyle change if you so choose. Enabling you forms part of our ethos and is the foundation of our business.


If you are interested in experiencing the full benefit of fibre in your home, or business, please contact us on the details below as we offer free assessments whether you are a client or not.



010 590 0218

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