Uncapped | Unshaped | Symmetrical

Fibre is a lifestyle change enabler

Kiklo enjoys selling a fibre product that has no restrictions. It is unshaped, uncapped and symmetrical. When you sign up for a certain package at a certain speed that is exactly what you will get. We are invested in making it work for you, because we believe so strongly that no fibre product should ever be limited, in any way.

Connect with us here via our website. You are welcome to call or email.

We’ll confirm if you have fibre in your area.

You select your package and submit your order.

We’ll make a plan to get you connected, even if we need to start from scratch.

Home installation is a quick process with an expert team.

We do all the necessary checks to ensure everything is in order.

The last big step is to deliver and install your fibre router.

We activate your service and you are now part of the Kiklo family!

Kiklo FTTx (Pty) Ltd is an IT company that offers turnkey solutions and has a significant track record in the deployment and maintenance of fibre-based connectivity solutions as well as over the top services in your neighbouring complexes, estates and suburbs.

All our packages are available on an initial three-month contract whereafter you will be on a month-to-month contract with one calendar month notice period.

All packages are Uncapped, Unshaped and Symmetrical; No data limits, no throttling and equal upload and download speeds – always.

Choose the perfect plan

Part of your monthly package includes the use of a managed fibre router with Wi-Fi capacity and LAN ports that you can connect your different devices to in order to stream or browse.

Prices are subject to change and we often run area specials. Please check in with our Sales team to confirm what you qualify for.


New pricing below effective from 1st May 2023

20 Mbps

Recommended for Single user home office

R 495

Per month

250 Mbps

large families with high bandwidth requirements

R 895

Per month

500 Mbps

The "because I can" package

R 1 195

Per month

1 Gbps / 500Mbps

The biggest package around

R 1 295

Per month


  • Router use included

  • Month – to – month contract

  • Extended support hours

  • Free LAN assessment

  • All prices include VAT

  • T’s & C’s apply



VoIP – Domain Hosting – LAN Extensions – Cloud Services

New pricing above effective from 1st May 2023


Excellent service and great group of people to work with
Excellent service and great value for money. Would recommend to anyone!
I am very grateful that Kiklo came into our area so soon. They are a superb service provider and our internet spped is superb. No complaints at all and thank you Kiklo
In my entire life I have never had a better ISP than Kiklo. Their customer and tech support is fantastic and they seldomly ever have any downtime. Out of all my ADSL/Fibre connections, Kiklo has provided the most stable 100mbps line I've ever had the pleasure of using, and stability is absolutely paramount for what I do. Keep it up!
Barbeque Downs
We recently moved into an estate in Midrand where Kiklo has been providing a fibre service. From the moment I made contact with them, I've been excellently served. Recently had an issue with connectivity, which ended being something I created for myself, but again, received free telephonic advice that was accurate, helping me to quickly solve the problem. They saved me a call out fee and were very friendly and professional. Thank you, Stephen, Jean & Trevor.
Tallyn's Reach
Awesome service. Thank u Guys. Very helpful team. Always giving execellent service.
Adar Gardens
Awesome service, very knowledgeable staff. A first class experience!
What an amazing brand, from the minute we signed up Kiklo could do no wrong. We upgraded from the 50Mbps to 100Mbps line and have been surfing the net in utter bliss since! 10/10 would recommend
I am SUPER happy with Kiklo. My sales Agent Bongani was so efficient, from explaining how the line works, to getting all my paperwork processed, to even getting the technicians in at the earliest and most convenient time for me... we hit a snag during installation, but he was on the ball, sending out emails and scheduling techs to sort my issues out. The Tech, Vuyo was also very efficient and friendly, they worked fast and neatly. and also kept me updated regarding the progress of the installation. Would definitely recommend them, and I'm never going to move anywhere outside their network coverage. great job guys!
Barbeque Downs
It sounds dramatic, but the fibre installation from Kiklo has changed my life! Finally, we have a reliable, rapid and cost effective wi-fi connection, which means I can successfully run my business from home. Customer service is great - prompt, courteous and professional and the Kiklo team does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. Thank you!
Always great service and super fast connection. The few circumstances where there have been issues for whatever reason we as clients are always kept in the loop and advised as to what is going on. Any technical errors we have had have always been dealt with accordingly - but these have been very minimal and often due to a cat or dog pulling/chewing our cables. Thanks Kiklo! Super service to a property that was a black hole for reception and WiFi of any sort when we moved in a year ago.
Kyalami AH
Hey guys and girls . I just wanted to give a shout out to Kiklo fiber... We have a 100 mbps line and it runs like a dream . The more people In the area that subscribe the more opportunity and speed we can get . I can tell you for the price and service you can’t and won’t beat it . We use about 1.2 terabyte a Month that’s 1200 (*****) 1 gig bundles and the cost is only around 1500 for my line so do the math it’s a win win situation . Streaming is possible and so much more ..... it’s a whole new life being connected to the world at world class speeds ... anyone is welcome to come and visit us to come and asses and test the system.
Glen Austin