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Botshabelo in Kyalami is passionate about transforming lives and adding value to our city. Every year, they reach over 2000 women and children through 3 different programs: a Babies Home for orphaned and abandoned babies, an UpliftED Teacher Training programme empowering women to teach preschool in impoverished communities, and Urban Kids EduCentres that provides quality preschool education to disadvantaged families.

There are many ways to help including sponsorships of school fees, Adopt-A-Cot, Teacher Training and monthly giving, or through donation drives and volunteering. Kiklo recognised the need for the home to have a stable internet connection as so much of what enables this organisation to flourish starts with their offices being connected and being connected well.

As with Botshabelo, Kiklo FTTx is committed to making a difference in the community and have gifted Botshabelo access to our fibre network with uncapped, unshaped and symmetrical line speed for their home. We are honoured to be in the position to assist them in making this difference to our future generations.

The home has many more needs and is in constant need of their community’s contributions. We can all make a difference, even if it is only a small one. Please have a look at their “Christmas Wishlist” below and contact the home directly to donate.



Children’s Gifts

Babies Home Children

Boys Clothing (size 3m to 18m & 3yrs)

Girls Clothing (size 3m to 18m & 3yrs)

Wooden Push Toys

Plastic toys/Board books

Urban Kids Children

Boys Gifts (3-6 years) x 30

Girls Gifts (3-6 years) x 30

Please wrap each gift individually & label appropriately.

Urban Kids

Large Classroom Carpets

Sandpit Sand

Vacuum Cleaner

Sandpit toys

DVD Player

Sleep Mattresses

TV (x3)

Flat Screen Monitor

Babies Home Children

Cot Sheets (Large)

High Chairs

Bath Towels & Burp Cloths

Nappies (Size 0-4)

Formula (Nan & Lactogen)

UpliftED Teacher Training

Colour Photocopier (large capacity)

Black Dollies

Wooden Puzzles

Big round plastic basins

Lockable Metal Cupboards

Preschool Story Books (3-6 yrs)

Kiddies Table & 4 chair sets

Leather Soccer Balls


Stationery (list on request)

Checkers, Dischem & Mr Price Vouchers

Cash Donations

Large Capacity B&W Photocopier


They use a LOT of everything below in the Preschool & Teacher Training Programme.

You can collect/donate as many of the following as possible.

Coloured Paper

A4 Lever Arch Files

Flip Chart Paper

Permanent Markers

Whiteboard Markers


A4 Paper

Laminating Pouches

Stapler & Staples



Twister Crayons

Glue Sticks



Coloured Cardboard

You can also sponsor a set number of Stationery Packs for the students or teachers that they work with. For more details, or to discuss other opportunities this Christmas, email

Kindest regards,

The Kiklo Team

010 590 0218

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