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    Trouble shooting

    1. Unplug any Wi-Fi boosters or extenders from the device.

    2. Reboot your ONT device. The most effective way to do this is to unplug the power cable for a few seconds and plug it back in. 

    3. Wait a few minutes for the device to start up. Your BROADBAND and SERVICE lights need to be green. If either light is not on, or a different colour, please log a call with our support team – or dial 010 590 0218

    Once you’ve rebooted the ONT fibre router you can refer to the following:

    POWER light is off – the device has no power

    POWER light is flashing – the device is still booting

    POWER light is solid green – the device is fully booted


    BROADBAND light is red or off – there is an authentication error and needs to be reported

    BROADBAND light is green – the fibre connection is on and working


    SERVICE light is red – there is an authentication error and needs to be reported

    SERVICE light is off – but the BROADBAND light is green, the device as not been assigned to a service 

    SERVICE light is flashing – and is green that is showing activity on the line, this is normal.


    WiFi lights are off – the device is either still rebooting or the WiFi has been disabled

    WiFi lights are green and flashing – there is activity on that frequency

    ETHERNET and PHONE are cabled connections. Flashing is normal as it shows data transmission from the port.

    USB has no use at the moment and you are welcome to ignore this. 

    A speedtest is done to confirm your line speed. It is important to note that Kiklo FTTx does not throttle or restrict your services in any way and if you are not consistently receiving your package speeds we would like to know so it can be addressed.

    To do a speedtest, please follow the steps below:

    1. Disconnect everything from the ONT (even wireless devices like phones, tablets and apple tv);

    2. Connect a single computer device using a LAN cable to port 1 of the ONT;

    3. Use the browser to open and test your line speed;

    4. If the speedtest is consistently below about 10% of the speed purchased there could have a problem on the fibre and we may have to investigate it or possibly escalate it to be resolved;

    5. Take a screenshot of the speedtest results and send it to if you need to report slow speeds. Our team will work with you to ensure you are receiving the package speeds you’ve selected.

    Send an email to, include the account holder details in your message and describe the problem you are experiencing.

    Please try to included as much details as possible when submitting your ticket, including what troubleshooting you did as well as a screenshot of any speedstests you may have done. This will help us diagnose your issue faster and will make the process a lot more efficient when trying to investigate any issues on your line.

    In the event that a ticket needs to be escalated to our upstream provider, kindly note that it may take up to 4 work days for the issue to be resolved as FTTH is a best-effort service. Our team will do their utmost to ensure that your ticket is monitored, prioritised and resolved within the quickest possible turnaround time.