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Kiklo is a local IT company that started 10 years ago in a Glenferness garage with only one employee. For 4 years, one person was the driving force behind an idea to do honest business. Business that inspires Trust and Predictability. In these founding years, Kiklo built its name in Backups, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. This is still the cornerstone on which we build the brand. Gearing ourselves to meet consumer needs, the sister company Kiklo FTTx was formed in 2015 with the focus on providing fibre internet to the Home and Business.


Fibre is the relatively new internet technology taking South Africa by storm; There is a constant land grab underway where large telecoms and fibre owners are competing to put down expensive infrastructure. Fibre completely replaces ageing, unreliable copper cables as used with ADSL and transmits by reflecting light through very thin glass cables resulting in an incredibly fast and reliable internet feed.


To help understand how new the fibre technology still is, consider the following: The first FTTH (Fibre To The Home) lines went live through MTN in Monaghan Farm, situated near Lanseria airport, in April 2014. Second, was the big Parkhurst project done by Dark Fibre, which went live in October 2014. Any guesses on the third site in South Africa to go live? Yes, our very own Kiklo. But, not only were we at the forefront of implementing SA’s latest and greatest technology, we were the very first FTTH line that had symmetrical 100Mbps up and down speeds in Southern Africa. Kiklo’s fibre service went live in December 2014.


Driven by a passion to get our community connected, Kiklo conceptualised and managed the fibre builds for Glenferness. The project held many challenges, like using aerial fibre instead of trenching to keep costs down, and getting enough people to buy into this strange, new concept. The Glenferness roll-out was a huge success and from here Kiklo, along with our upstream provider, branched out into the greater Kyalami area.


The Kiklo vision was greater than just providing people with super-fast internet connections though. A strong undertone was to provide better channels for security. As such, Kiklo sponsored a large part of the Glenferness network infrastructure to accommodate specialised CCTV and LRP cameras. Two years on and the network now supports and incorporates different security companies, the local Community Policing Forum, and local authorities, all working together to combat crime. And it works. Glenferness continues to have the lowest crime rate when compared to the rest of Midrand. This improved security vision is implemented and encouraged for all of the projects that Kiklo take on. Our hope is to one day place Midrand and surrounds on a large scale security grid, which is fed by CCTV footage from the entire basin, monitored and supported by local companies, fast-tracking arrests and ultimately reducing crime.


Whether you need to protect the digital integrity of your business, the quality of your next Skype call, or protect your home with clear camera footage, rest assured that Kiklo will always have your back.


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