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If you haven’t yet joined the streaming revolution, now is a great time to get started. No more repeat programs, endless adverts and bland shows; You now have a choice of endless content and tailored entertainment through Video-On-Demand, or V.O.D. for short. Everything is on your terms and to top it off, these streaming services may actually end up saving you money!

V.O.D. is like having a massive library of movies and programmes, or content, available to you, which you can essentially watch at any time and in any place. Most of these streaming services do not have adverts or frustrating repeats, and you can choose what you want to watch. You can pause, fast forward or rewind what you are watching, and view episodes of your favourite shows in any order you choose. All this content is streamed to you by a V.O.D. service provider over the internet to practically any of your devices that have an Internet connection and can host the necessary streaming app or website browser.

South Africans tend to be cautious of new technology and moving over to a new service and provider can be a big step for many. Thankfully, all the latest V.O.D. streaming services have been tried and tested and have proven so successful that many South Africans are now choosing to cancel their satellite TV in favour of only streaming services.

There are several V.O.D. service providers currently in South Africa with Netflix and Showmax being the most popular. There is also Amazon Prime Video, DEOD and Black by Cell C. Showmax, DEOD and Black support a good mix of local content, whereas the rest are primarily aimed at a more international audience.

In order to enjoy these services, you would need to have some components in place.

These include:

  1. The device you use to watch the content on,
  2. The installation of an app to access the service or access to a web browser on your chosen device,
  3. A stable internet connection and lastly,
  4. A subscription to a streaming service.

Most people already have the necessary devices along with good internet and simply need to sign up for a V.O.D. subscription. These services are generally month-to-month and very easy to configure and activate. So in short, the easiest way to stream is to use what you already have and build from there.

Netflix generously offers a one-month free subscription that you can use to try out streaming for yourself. We only offer this warning: Make sure you keep an eye on your data (V.O.D. can quickly eat into your data bundles, though with Kiklo’s uncapped packages this won’t be an issue) and do your best not to binge a whole season of your favourite series in one sitting!

For more info on how to get connected, contact the Kiklo team on 010 590 0218 or email

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