Kiklo stands out for the right reasons

We started off 2018 by telling you more about Kiklo and how our IT company started in a garage with only one employee 10 years ago. We’ve come such a long way since then!

In just the last year, we’ve managed to grow from 12 employees to 20 – all people who are inherently focused on providing excellent service – it is part of our core values and DNA.

Our FTTH customer base has grown by 32% in 2018 and Kiklo FTTx has activated 60 projects since its inception 4 years ago. It took 4 years to activate the first 30 projects and only one year to complete the next 30.

There is fibre competition aplenty, however, we are growing day by day and gearing ourselves to stand out by going the extra mile for our customers. No business is ever smooth sailing, but we are committed to managing all manner of fibre and IT opportunities so we distinguish ourselves in a memorable way from each and every one of our competitors because Excellent Service is ultimately the real defining factor.

For more info on how to get connected to our family, contact the Kiklo team on 010 590 0218 or email

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